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Lighted Poles

Lighted Standard Pole Game includes lighted poles, flat bases, yard/beach spikes, a lighted flying disc and score keepers. With this kit, 2 teams (up to 2 players each), try to knock an object off the opposing team's pole using a flying disc. Each team requires one pole and one object. The poles should be stationed approximately 27 feet apart, and teams take turns throwing discs in hopes of knocking the object to the ground. Water Sports Pole Game is perfect for team building activities and backyard recreation. For barbecues, picnics and backyard fun, play this Pole Game with your whole family! When the sun goes down, Water Sports poles and discs light up the sky with a luminescent glow.

  • Includes lighted poles, yard/beach spikes, a flying disc and score keepers
  • Perfect for team building activities
  • Stationed poles approximately 27 feet apart
  • Lights up the night sky for after-hours play
  • Use the disc to knock off your opponents object
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