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Diggin Slimeball Slinger

Ready, aim, fire! Shoot slimeballs up to 30 feet with the Slimeball Slinger. Pull back the slinger and let the slimeball fly! Diggin’s Slimeball Slinger sling-shot launcher comes with a toy catapult launcher and 2 green slimeballs. The Slinger handheld catapult toy has a gel grip, a net slingshot pocket for holding slimeballs, high quality rubber Bands and a unique easy-to-use aiming system. The slime slingshot balls have a great squishy feel, but aren't sticky and won't mark up your walls. Play this game inside or take it outside for tons of active slime fun with no mess! Recommended for ages 6 and up. Diggin Slimeball Slinger colors and packaging may vary.

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