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AVAILABLE 10/31 - Diggin Slimeball Flinger Darts

Test your aim with the Slimeball Flinger Darts! Shoot squishy slimeballs up to 30 feet using the Flingers. Or shoot slime sling balls right from your fingertips with the built-in launch mechanism, just like a rubber finger slingshot. Diggin’s Slimeball Flinger sling-shot launcher comes with 2 Flinger launchers, 4 green slimeballs and a 10-inch sticky slime target. For extra fun, additional slimeball targets (sold separately) can be snapped together to create an even larger game! Slime fling darts have a great squishy feel, but aren't sticky and won't mark up your walls - they only stick to the slime board target. Great for both indoor & outdoor play, this slim board game is recommended for ages 6 and up. Colors and packaging may vary. 

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