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Geyser Baseball/Bat

Calling all sluggers and pitchers! The Geyser Baseball and Bat are the premier companions for all of those looking to add a watery twist to one of America's favorite pastimes. By simply dunking the Geyser Baseball under water, you'll be able to toss and smash a baseball that's capable of spraying water in a ten foot radius. Incredibly versatile by design, the Geyser baseball and bat set can be enjoyed with or without water. Constructed of a polyurethane material, this baseball can float in water for additional fun. Regardless of where your watery adventures take you this season, the Geyser Baseball and Bat can be enjoyed in a number of interactive and enjoyable platforms.

  • Dunk the geyser baseball in water and throw
  • Sprays water in 10 foot diameter
  • Flies great with or without water
  • Patent pending tubular holes collect water
  • Polyurethane ball floats in water

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