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Water Sports Itzacatch toss game. Improve your hand/eye coordination with this challenging toss game! Toss, catch and capture tennis balls in your backyard, in the pool or on the beach. The catchers are made of water resistant material, and are perfect for poolside and beachside plays. Like a baseball mitt, these catchers capture balls on their velcro surface, and are perfect for inventive water games. Play tennis, catch or even baseball with these nifty catchers. This product is the perfect substitute for a catcher's mitt. Catch pop-ups and line-drives, and make dare devil catches with the ItzaCatch! This set includes 2 catchers and a tennis ball for hours of backyard fun with your entire family.

  • The velcro catches and holds tennis balls.
  • Play popular catch games with the whole family.
  • Material is ideal for use around water or at the beach.
  • Set includes 2 catchers and a tennis ball.
  • Perfect for picnics and pool parties.
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