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Hydro Zooka 12

The Stream Machine Hydro-Zooka, 80060-2 Water Blaster measures at 12 inches and is an excellent choice for those looking to soak their opponents from head to toe. The 7-inch barrel is capable of storing an extraordinary amount of water and is perfect for long, drawn out-water battles. This Hydro-Zooka features a neoprene handle.

Unlike traditional water blasters, the Hydro-Zooka utilizes a simple and quick reloading system. Simply dip the barrel into water and draw back the handle. This will fill your Hydro-Zooka with H20 ammunition and eliminate downtime tenfold!

  • Unleashes a furious stream of water onto your opponents
  • Quick reloads; simply dip the barrel into water and draw back the handle
  • Hydro Zooka features foam handles
  • Recommended for children 5-years old and up
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